Lawn Installations & Renovation

There are two processes that G2G utilizes to seed new and existing lawns. The first and perhaps the process that leads to more immediate results is by applying mature sod. Prior to application, the lawn must be properly excavated and dressed with starter fertilizers to assure a quick start to the new grass root system. The second method for growing lawns is via hydro seeding. Once the lawn is prepared as previously described, our lawn experts utilize a machine that sprays a mixture of seed, liquid fertilizers, and mulch to cover the entire growing area. This process enhances quicker growth and avoids the application of straw, hay, or other mulch that often generates may weeds in a new lawn. In addition to these two processes for seeding, our staff uses various erosion control techniques for growing seed on sloped or hilly areas.

Hydroseeding– A planting process which utilizes a slurry of seed and mulch. The slurry is transported to the jobsite in a tank that is mounted in the bed of one of our trucks. The mulch in the hydroseed mixture helps maintain the moisture level of the seed and seedlings. The slurry has other ingredients including fertilizer, tackifying agents, green dye and other additives.

Erosion Control– This is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture and land development. This sometimes involves the creation of a physical barrier, such as vegetation or rock, to absorb some of the energy of the wind or water that is causing the erosion. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution and soil loss. Erosion control may arise in natural areas, agricultural settings or urban environments, the latter of which is often characterized as storm water runoff driven. We have many different methods for controlling erosion from happening in your lawn.

Sod– There is nothing like having a finished product right away. When you sod your lawn there is instant gratification and no waiting for grass seed to grow in.