Landscape Maintenance

With years of experience in Landscape Maintenance, we have many different ways of modifying and arranging a landscape or yard for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Mulching– This service includes the clearing of all weeds throughout the beds before the laying of mulch. You then have the option to have us lay fabric over the cleared out bed before mulch is placed, which we highly recommend. This prevents weeds from growing up through the mulch beds. Mulch is then placed with or without the fabric over the bed 2-3 inches in thickness. We offer several different colors of mulch which you can personally pick. Decorative Stone can also be used instead of mulch.

Edging– A vertical line is made between the lawn and planting beds. This service improves the overall appearance of the planting bed and prevents mulch from washing onto the lawn or sidewalk/driveway areas.

Planting– We have numerous amounts of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees that we plant to enhance your landscaping.

Trimming/Pruning– This service includes trimming of all bushes, shrubs, trees in yard. All of the leftovers are then cleared after the trimming process is completed.

Fall Clean Up– After the leaves have fallen from the trees we will remove them from the lawns and beds. Defective vegetation will also be removed during this time.

Spring Clean Up– Lawn and beds are cleared and prepared for summer work. Vegetation that did not make it through the winter season will be removed.